Apple reportedly attributed overheating of iPhone 15 Pro devices uncovered by some users to software and app-related issues, following complaints from customers on social media and its support forum.

In a statement published by Bloomberg, Apple explained the handsets might feel warmer after initial set-up or a restoring process due to what it described as increased background activity, though it also highlighted issues with third party apps and its own software.

The company explained a bug in its latest iOS software would be resolved in an update, while it is working with developers of problematic third party apps on fixes which are in the process of being released.

Apple’s comments came after days of complaints on social media and its online support forum, with some users claiming the devices were too hot to hold for prolonged periods of time.

Dismissing social media speculation on other potential causes, Apple emphasised it was nothing to do with the titanium frame, which is being used in the device line for the first time, nor related to the enhanced graphics chip or USB-C charging, which are also new on its latest batch of handsets.