Samsung Electronics teamed with Naver Cloud to launch what they claimed is the first private 5G network for the South Korean construction sector, part of a plan to jointly provide services to improve site safety and efficiency.

The companies stated applications in development include drone-based live inspection videos and clothing with gas detection sensors, HD cameras and safety buttons.

Samsung explained the network can also connect to IoT concrete sensors for real-time monitoring of temperature and strength, along with providing details about the curing phase.

The network will enable real-time CCTV video monitoring using 4K video streaming capabilities.

Samsung provided its outdoor radios, baseband units and standalone 5G compact core for the network, which employs Naver Cloud’s licenced mid-band 4.7GHz spectrum.

Naver Cloud is also managing partnerships with participating IT companies. South Korea-based Hoban Construction is also involved.

Samsung and Naver Cloud teamed in 2022 to power autonomous robots on a private 5G network.