The head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications unit outlined plans to expand its range of foldable smartphones in 2021, one of several plans the company has for the device division.

In a blog, TM Roh stated Samsung’s goal was to make foldable smartphones “more accessible to everyone”, a comment several media outlets interpreted as a hint lower prices could be on the way.

Its current foldables cost more than $1,300, with latest addition the Galaxy Z Fold2 priced $1,999.

Roh also confirmed reports Samsung planned to incorporate features from its Galaxy Note line into other devices, though there was no word on rumours it planned to scrap the range itself.

He pledged a continued focus on imaging, with plans to add “super-intelligent, pro-grade camera and video capabilities”.

More details are due to be released in January 2021, Roh said: Android Authority reported the vendor planned a device launch in the middle of the month.