Samsung formed a partnership with mobile security firm Gemalto, as it works on a European release of Samsung Pay following the mobile payment service’s debut last month in South Korea.

The handset giant has yet to announce any definite launch dates for Samsung Pay beyond the US (28 September). Samsung said it will launch in the UK, Spain and China but has not released firm dates.

The vendor will use Gemalto’s trusted service manager, or TSM, in Europe to connect with what it describes as payment issuers, which includes banks and other financial institutions that issue credit, debit, pre-paid or charge cards.

Credit card giant MasterCard already said it is working with Samsung so its cardholders will be able to use the Samsung Pay service when it launches in Europe.

Gemalto’s Allynis TSH, a TSM, offers payment issuers a range of services, including user enrolment, service installation and lifecycle management of payment credentials or tokenisation services.

“Samsung Pay on the new Galaxy handsets benefits from a dedicated embedded secure element for storing sensitive credentials, while the Allynis TSH ensures that payment issuers can benefit from the maximum flexibility for future roadmaps,” said the announcement.  Samsung Pay is initially available on selected Galaxy handsets.