Open RAN vendor Parallel Wireless lauded a milestone of installing equipment in 1,500 sites across various African markets through partnerships with authorities and operators in a number of countries.

In a statement, the vendor highlighted deployments in Tanzania, Republic of Guinea, Ghana, South Sudan, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi and Nigeria.

Its focus on rural areas has been 2G and 3G, while 4G connectivity is supported in urban and suburban locations.

The company noted it was also preparing for “for future 5G upgrades across Africa” as open RAN continues to grow.

Parallel Wireless indicated providing connectivity in parts of the continent required meeting unique challenges, including geographic factors and issues sourcing electricity.

In a separate announcement, the company revealed a deal with Nigerian infrastructure sharing specialist Hotspot Network to use its technology in 500 sites in rural parts of the country.

It claimed this, and its other deployments in the region, demonstrated open RAN architecture could “help connect the disconnected, bringing them in touch with previously out-of-reach banking, health and educational services”.