Samsung shed light on the drivers of foldable shipments growth, revealing business users had contributed to its numbers more than doubling in the opening nine months of 2022.

In a statement, the vendor explained its internal report figured the number of its Galaxy foldables sold to business customers had increased 105 per cent year-on-year, fuelling a broader growth trend in adoption of the form-factor.

Samsung highlighted the financial services sector as a key element in the growing demand, referring to a survey conducted by Coalition Greenwich which showed a majority of professionals in this field believed connectivity apps were becoming vital as companies adopt flexible working policies.

Samsung claimed its foldables were gaining traction due to optimising the app experience, along with the multi-tasking capabilities of the devices.

It hailed its Galaxy Z Fold 4 as a “multi-tasking powerhouse” for business users, due to its ability to run several apps at once along with video conferencing features.

The vendor noted collaborations were spurring improvements in foldable sales, citing partnerships with IBM and DocuSign to provide features tailored to the needs of working professionals.