According to GSMA Intelligence, at the end of June 2023 nearly 400 mobile service providers – MNOs, MVNOs and providers of international roaming services – had launched commercial eSIM services for smartphones across 116 countries.

At around the same time, Mobile World Live conducted an online survey of smartphone OEMs/ODMs, IoT device makers and device design manufacturers and laptop/tablet manufacturers to better understand the timeline for incorporating eSIM technology into devices and learn how much of a manufacturers’ future product portfolio will include eSIMs.

The findings of the reader survey uncovered some interesting insights, such as:

  • There is some urgency among OEMs that don’t currently offer eSIM devices to start to do so.
  • More than a third of smartphone OEM/ODMs will massively increase the proportion of eSIM devices in their portfolio in the next two years.
  • 70% of IoT OEMs that don’t currently sell devices with eSIMs say they plan to do so within the next 24 months.
  • Laptop and tablet OEMs that currently sell eSIM devices believe much of their product portfolio will include eSIMs within three years.

Download the full report to see more views on the importance of the eSIM in the mobile market.

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