True Move applied to be part of amendments to 900MHz licence terms which would give operators more time to pay related fees, but appeared to balk at an element requiring participation in a forthcoming 700MHz sale.

In a notice to the stock exchange, the operator said it had notified the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of its backing for changes to the 900MHz process, which allow operators to pay their fees in ten annual instalments rather than four.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha initiated the change last month in an apparent bid to generate interest in an auction of 700MHz spectrum. The payment terms adjustment included a clause requiring operators to then participate in the latter sale.

However, in its statement, True Move indicated it was still evaluating the 700MHz sale.

It said it must carefully consider “all relevant factors” regarding the “details of the criteria” for the sale, following which it would proceed as it “deems appropriate”.

True Move previously indicated it does not plan to take part in the sale.