The US government reportedly pressured allies to increase restrictions on China to prevent access to semiconductor technology in an effort to thwart its ability to develop domestic chips.

Bloomberg reported the administration of US President Joe Biden is pressuring the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea and Japan to advance chip restrictions on China as part of an effort to close export loopholes.

The news site stated some nations are resisting.

Bloomberg stated the US asked the Netherlands to block domestic chip company ASML from repairing production equipment supplied before restrictions and pressed for limits on exports of specialised manufacturing chemicals by Japan.

The news outlet stated the nations want to examine the impact of current restrictions before applying additional measures.

Bloomberg noted Japan and the Netherlands are home to some of the top manufacturers of semiconductor making equipment and had agreed to export restrictions in 2023.

The US is reportedly also looking to expand its export block, with Germany and South Korea among its target nations.

Bloomberg wrote the US is keen to secure agreements with additional companies before the G7 Summit in June.

Last month, the US announced it would invest $5 billion in semiconductor-related R&D.