Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, will reportedly allow users to make mobile payments using facial recognition technology.

According to Bloomberg, the smartphone – which is tipped to be unveiled on 29 March – will add the security feature within months of release, as Samsung looks to differentiate the device from rival offerings.

Indeed, the South Korean smartphone vendor will be looking to its next flagship to make a big impact after it was forced to kill-off its crisis plagued Note 7 device last year.

Bloomberg sources said the Galaxy S8 will combine fingerprint technology with iris and facial detection to verify users accessing mobile services, including its Samsung Pay platform.

Banks are also working with the company to embrace facial recognition systems, the news outlet added.

Embedding the S8 with the capability would be a major boost for facial recognition, particularly with mobile security becoming ever more important for consumers.

It would be the first Galaxy phone to use the technology to verify financial transactions. Previous Galaxy’s have allowed users to unlock their phones through facial recognition.

The S8 is expected to be officially unveiled later this month, and the rumour mill is beginning to ramp up on some of the device’s likely capabilities.

Widely anticipated is Samsung’s own voice assistant technology, believed to be called Bixby.