Yahoo is reportedly testing mobile ads that allow users to click on them to install apps on their devices.

A Yahoo spokesperson told Advertising Age that the test ads will begin to appear on all of its ad-supporting services delivered to iOS and Android devices.

Gaming companies Kabam, Green and Machine Zone are reported to be the first advertisers to use the app install ads on Yahoo’s services.

Re/code previously reported that Yahoo is working on an app discovery service to place its own apps, and those from third parties, on its homepage. The app install ads would complement this approach.

Facebook has been successful with app install ads and bringing advertising to mobile devices in general. More than half of Facebook’s Q4 2013 ad revenue came from mobile.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in May last year that mobile app install ads are “growing quite well” to become “one of our most important new ad products”.

In January, Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, talked up the company’s mobile growth, but added that “our mobile revenue is still not material” in the context of its wider business.

In the company’s results conference call, the executive described mobile as a “huge driver of growth”, noting that the company passed 400 million monthly mobile users in Q4 2013.

Mayer also said Yahoo’s mobile team has grown from under 100 people to around 500 staff over the course of a year.