A group of device makers and technology companies including Meta Platforms and Qualcomm pledged to push for more open digital ecosystems, in response to the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). 

Reuters reported the companies are part of a ten-member group, dubbed the Coalition for Open Digital Ecosystems, which also includes Google, Honor, Lenovo, XR hardware player Lynx, Motorola, handset brand Nothing, tech company Opera and messaging provider Wire.

The group stated it will pursue cross-industry collaboration and cited a plan to work alongside policymakers, academics and rival companies to boost innovation in Europe. 

Lynx CEO Stan Larroque said in an announcement seen by Reuters the association has had “a number of conversations in the past few months about what ‘good’ looks like when it comes to digital ecosystems in Europe”, naming openness as a crucial element of this. 

DMA rules requires so-called market gatekeepers to open-up their ecosystems to promote competition. The act also calls for big technology companies to stop favouring their own products over rival offerings.  

Online services subject to the DMA include Amazon’s marketplace, Google Search and Apple’s Safari, alongside social platforms including Facebook and TikTok.

The companies which fall under the gatekeepers category are expected to submit a detailed compliance report to the regulator by March 2024.