Meta Platforms altered its policies to permit a greater amount of AI-generated content to remain on Facebook, Instagram and Threads by labelling posts that have been manipulated instead of removing them.

In a blog post, the social media giant explained it was following recommendations from its independent Oversight Board to leave the content on its sites assuming it doesn’t violate any other policies.

Meta stated it agreed with the Oversight Board’s recommendation that providing transparency and additional context is a better way to address manipulated media, an approach it noted also avoids the risk of unnecessarily restricting freedom of speech.

Under the new policy it label posts as “Made with AI” when it detects industry standard AI image indicators, or when users disclose they are uploading AI-generated content.

Meta plans to start labelling AI-generated content in May, and will stop removing content solely based on its previous manipulated video policy in July.

“This timeline gives people time to understand the self-disclosure process before we stop removing the smaller subset of manipulated media,” Monika Bickert, VP of content policy noted.