Bloomberg reported social media company Snap tallied more than 3 million subscribers for its Snapchat+ premium service, driven in part by the addition of a chatbot called My AI in February.

The news agency noted the $3.99 per month subscription service has garnered 1 million paying customers over the past 11 weeks.

Snap’s My AI chatbot is based on a customised version of OpenAI’s GPT technology.

The company stated on its website Snapchat+ subscribers have sent nearly 2 million chat messages per day since the AI feature was introduced.

TechCrunch reported Snap yesterday (19 April) announced US operator Verizon will give its customers the option to buy the Snapchat+ service through its online subscription store.

Snap also stated on its website it is making the My AI feature available to the entire Snapchat community for free.

It launched Snapchat+ in the US in June 2022 in the face of flagging revenue and profit.

Twitter and Meta Platforms have also deployed subscription services.