Samsung unveiled a digital platform designed to integrate with its Pay and Pass apps to allow Galaxy smartphone users to store and access digital keys, IDs, boarding passes and payment in a single app secured by Samsung Knox.

Jeanie Han, head of Digital Life at Samsung’s MX Business, stated the vendor aimed to boost the capabilities of the wallet by working closely with partners and developers.

The app allows users to add digital home door keys along with those covering some models of car.

Samsung stated users can monitor their cryptocurrencies by using the Galaxy ecosystem to integrate with Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

The Samsung Wallet also can give users one-swipe access to their Covid-19 (coronavirus) vaccination documents, loyalty and gift cards and, later this year, official identification cards.

Samsung launched the app in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the US.

Samsung Pay has been the vendor’s main payment option on many of its mobile devices. Samsung Pass is its password manager.