Apple expanded its self-repair programme to cover a total of 35 products in 33 countries, while launching a diagnostic tool to give users more transparency and autonomy to troubleshoot issues.

The company stated the Self Service Repair offering is now available for its latest iPhone 15 line-up and Mac computer models powered by its M2 chip.

It is also available in an additional 24 countries including Croatia, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Apple launched self-repair kits in the US in April 2022, before rolling it out to eight countries in Europe in December of the same year.

The programme is part of Apple’s commitment to expand repair options for consumers, and gives “anyone with relevant experience repairing electronic devices access to manuals, genuine Apple parts” and tools used at its official retail locations.

Meanwhile, the diagnostic tool is now available in the US, with Europe due to follow in 2024.

Apple explained it is intended for users with knowledge and expertise to make repairs and test devices for optimal part functionality and performance, along with identifying which parts may need fixing.

Rivals Google and Samsung have also launched repair schemes, an industry trend popular with regulators due to efforts to cut electronic waste.