SMS and MMS functionality have been rolled into Samsung’s ChatON messaging app for Android.

The addition of the communication methods to the app will mean all messages will be displayed in the same place within ChatON.

ChatON was launched in October 2011 and reached 100 million users by the end of September this year, meaning the user base doubled in just four months. The app is also available on iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Samsung said the new functionality works most effectively on Galaxy S3 and S4 smartphones and Note 2 and 3 phablets, but is also supported on other devices running the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, or above.

Google recently added SMS functionality to its Hangouts app, although Facebook elected to remove support from the update of its Messenger for Android.

The ability to send messages via SMS was introduced to Messenger for Android a year ago, to allow all messages to be kept in a single location. But poor traction meant it was dropped for the update, according TechCrunch.