Chinese internet company Qihoo 360 is reported to have ended a spat with Apple which saw its apps removed from the App Store, although there are still few details as to how the situation has played out.

According to Tech in Asia, five apps have now been reinstated to the iOS store, although this is still some way short of the 20-plus available in January 2013, before they were pulled.

Reports said that Qihoo 360 fell foul of Apple by challenging the iOS ecosystem, for example by manipulating store rankings and making apps available beyond the Apple store (and therefore supporting device jailbreaking), although this has never been confirmed.

Of course, Qihoo 360 has still been offering Android apps, giving it access to a larger market in China, and in September 2013 it was reported the company’s titles had appeared on a government “white list” of approved titles.

Qihoo 360 said its 360 Mobile Assistant is the largest Android market place in China, with more than 300 million users, and with 32 billion app downloads having taken place since its launch two years ago.

It also recently attended Mobile World Congress, after launching its security products in overseas markets, demonstrating its platform products and value-added services. It has already expanded into Brazil and Taiwan.