Twitter relaunched its Blue subscription service after being forced to pause it in November, with the revamped offering charging Apple users a higher price.

In a tweet, the company said it is relaunching Twitter Blue today (12 December), with users on iOS on the hook for $11 a month, $3 higher than those signing up through the web or on Android.

Twitter Blue enables users to edit tweets, get a verification mark, see fewer adverts, have their posts promoted and upload 1080p videos.

Those who had a blue verification mark before Musk’s takeover, when Twitter decided who got one, will still have, it but will now have a message attached stating it is a “legacy verified account”.

Twitter was forced to pause Twitter Blue due to a number of fake accounts infiltrating the service, with users impersonating big brands and celebrities and using the blue tick badge to appear authentic.

Apple row
The company did not provide a reason why it was charging Apple users more for the service, but the move adds another element to a row between Musk and the company.

Last month, he outlined issues he had with the iPhone maker, including the commission fee Apple charges for in-app purchases.

Musk also accused Apple of threatening to remove Twitter from its App Store and said the company had reduced advertising.

However, a meeting with CEO Tim Cook resolved the situation.