Google is being sued by two US Android phone users who purchased allegedly defective apps from its app store and were unable to secure refunds, reports PaidContent.

The two men paid for separate apps, which subsequently proved to be faulty. Neither of the claimants were able to secure a refund for the defective products.

The action is seeking damages for every Californian who purchased a defective Android title, on the grounds that Google’s 15 minute refund window is unfair and this it is wrong that Google pockets 30 percent commission for products that don’t work.

The legal action is based on California’s warranty and unfair competition laws, which are considered to be the strongest consumer protection laws in the US.

Google shortened the refund period for apps sold on its app store from 48 hours to 15 minutes in 2010. Apple App Store users meanwhile are unable to benefit from refunds at all, with all sales being final.