Facebook and Instagram users were given more options to flag content deemed inappropriate on the platforms, with a right to appeal decisions made by the company’s oversight board.

In a blog, Facebook VP of integrity Guy Rosen said the function will allow users to appeal other people’s content which has not been already removed by the oversight board after an initial review.

So far, only the company had the option to ask the board to reassess displayed content.

Facebook began deploying the functionality globally today (13 April). It covers posts, photos, videos, comments and shared material. The company expects the rollout to be completed in the coming weeks.

Rosen explained multiple users will be able to report the same piece of content, “to guarantee each reporting user’s voice is heard”.

Once a case is created, the oversight board will “only include details that could easily identify” a reporting user if they have given their consent.

Facebook’s oversight board has the power to order the removal of content from the company’s platforms, and was established as part of broader moves to address criticism about the spread of misinformation.

Board members are fully independent of the social media giant.