BlackBerry plans to close Scoreloop, its German division that provides social gaming capabilities and services around billing and distribution for developers, as it continues its transition to a more enterprise-focused strategy.

A BlackBerry representative told The Wall Street Journal that the Scoreloop services will be discontinued from 1 December: “This decision aligns with BlackBerry’s strategy to focus developer efforts on delivering the best enterprise solutions for customers.”

BlackBerry (then RIM) acquired Scoreloop in 2011 in a bid to encourage developers to create more games for its mobile devices in the hope that it would drive sales.

Since then, the company has seen its consumer business struggle with declines in device sales forcing it to return to its enterprise roots in a bid to return to profitability.

The company took the decision last month to reduce its number of employees focusing on the consumer app development, with 65 people losing their jobs. Around 100 people specialising in enterprise apps were retained.

A recent deal with Amazon will give BlackBerry 10 users access to the e-commerce giant’s Appstore, meaning they can download consumer apps for their devices, while BlackBerry frees-up resources to focus on developing more enterprise-focused technology.

Back in June, BlackBerry launched the first product as part of its eBBM Suite that will provide messaging services optimised for enterprise use. BBM Protected provides improved security for messages sent between BlackBerry smartphones.

The company has just launched a beta version of BBM for Windows Phone, as it expands the messaging service even further after successfully introducing it for Android and iOS in October last year.

John Chen, BlackBerry CEO, said in April that BBM is central in the company’s plans to generate new revenue. As well as the eBBM suite, there is potential to generate sales by charging brands and businesses to use BBM Channels, while the company introduced paid stickers to add to messages.