Apple executive Craig Federighi (pictured) dismissed concerns from advertisers regarding plans to implement strict privacy protections for iOS users in 2021, telling a security conference the industry would adapt to restrictions on tracking.

Speaking during media company Forum Europe’s tenth annual European Data Protection and Privacy Conference, held today (8 December), the SVP of software engineering said the changes represent “the front line of user privacy”, and will allow consumers to decide “when or if they want to allow an app to track them in a way that could be shared across other companies’ apps or websites”.

Federighi stated advertiser criticism of the move reflected an unwillingess to “welcome transparancy and customer choice” by groups relying on “invasive tracking” as their business model.

Facebook and marketing groups previously claimed the tracking restrictions would decimate revenue, but Federighi predicted they would find new ways to deliver “effective advertising”.

He also warned developers Apple would remove their services from the App Store if they do not comply. But, he noted the step was a “big change” which must be “made in collaboration” with the industry.

“Getting this right will take time, collaboration, listening and true partnership across the entire technology ecosystem, but we believe the result will be transformative.”