Meta Platforms former COO Sheryl Sandberg (pictured) announced plans to step down from the company’s board after her term ends in May, concluding a 12-year tenure.

Sandberg stated on Facebook she would not stand for re-election, but would continue her association with the company by serving as an adviser.

She left her role as COO in late 2022 after 14 years, but stayed on as a board member to ensure a successful transition.

Sandberg was succeeded as COO by Javier Olivan, who was previously chief growth officer and VP of Cross-Meta Products and Infrastructure.

Explaining the decision to leave the board, Sandberg said under CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership, the “Meta business is strong and well-positioned for the future, so this feels like the right time to step away”.

Zuckerberg responded by thanking Sandberg for her “extraordinary contributions” and added he looked forward “to this next chapter together”.

Sandberg joined Facebook in 2008 after helping to build Google’s advertising business and work with the US government.