LIVE FROM QUALCOMM 5G SUMMIT, SAN DIEGO: Qualcomm president and CEO Cristiano Amon (pictured) predicted a world where billions of devices are connected to the cloud 100 per cent of the time using AI and the connected intelligent edge as 5G expands beyond smartphones.

During his keynote address, Amon stated billions of devices will be connected across fixed wireless access services, the metaverse, PCs and private networks.

While Amon’s vision of monetising 5G services and applications is not new, he stated Qualcomm was uniquely positioned to make technology-based transformations happen.

Amon stated Qualcomm was no longer just a processor company, but rather is transforming into becoming a “connected processor company” using AI to stitch the technologies and services together.

“The growth of the cloud economy is truly an incredible opportunity, and with that we’re seeing an acceleration of digital transformation across many industries,” Amon reflected.

The US-based silicon giant detailed new features for its Snapdragon X70 5G Modem-RF System, which was announced at MWC Barcelona 2022.

It now features a world-first support for mmWave spectrum (24GHz and above) over standalone 5G.

Amon stated this provides increased flexibility for operators because they don’t need to anchor the system into sub-6GHz spectrum.

It also gives operators and enterprises more flexibility to deploy mmWave services into more areas including wireless fibre broadband services.

The latest version of the X70 modem is also compatible with Qualcomm’s Smart Transmit 3.0 technology, which uses a modem to antenna awareness system that optimises uplink speeds when a client device requires it, but also conserves energy as needed.

So if a quick burst of speed for a video upload is needed then it’s available, and when it’s not required the radio transmission is optimised to help maintain consistent, reliable network performance.

The latest version of Smart Transmit also supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.