Ericsson bulked-up its indoor mobile connectivity product line with three offerings targeted at 5G coverage, capacity and capabilities across a wide range of building sizes, with T-Mobile US interested in one of them.

The vendor stated the Indoor Fusion Unit is compact and incorporates radio and baseband functions. It is designed for small- and medium-sized buildings and works with Ericsson’s Radio Dot small cells to deliver multi-Gb/s speeds.

Mark McDiarmid, SVP of radio network engineering and development with T-Mobile, stated the “indoor 5G market is taking off” and products “like the Ericsson Indoor Fusion Unit will enable us to quickly scale and deliver” the technology to its users.

Ericsson also unveiled the IRU 8850 indoor radio unit, designed for single or multi-operator deployments in medium-to-large venues.

It is compatible with purpose-built and cloud RAN architectures. Ericsson stated the unit can reduce the space required by up to 80 per cent “compared to current alternatives”, with a potential 50 per cent reduction in TCO “thanks to network sharing”.

The third new product offering is 5G Precise Positioning software for enterprises which Ericsson stated can locate a device in a building to within 1 metre.