Huawei VP Victor Zhang insisted tightened US sanctions have no immediate impact on its ability to deliver equipment for 5G networks in the UK, as he urged the government not to rush a decision on the Chinese vendor’s future in the country.

Zhang told media it would be “months” before the company could fully assess the impact of restrictions imposed by the US in mid-May, which reduced the vendor’s access to components featuring US made software and technology.

The sanctions prompted a fresh review by the UK government into Huawei’s position in the country, of which the results came to light earlier this week. The Sunday Times reported the review had uncovered “severe security issues”, with the government set to begin a process of removing Huawei from networks in the country and ban operators from purchasing new equipment.

An official decision is expected later this month.

Zhang, however argued “it was not the right time” for the UK to make a call on the situation, with the “crucial decision” likely to have a significant impact to the rollout of 5G and fibre broadband.

“It is too early to assess the long-term impact of the US restrictions,” he said.

He added that in the short term, Huawei would have “no issue to continue to work with our customers like BT and Vodafone”.