Nokia unveiled a Multi-Access Edge Slicing service it claims could enable operators to offer new premium solutions, an innovation it plans to showcase with UAE-based operator e& at MWC Barcelona 2024.

The Finnish vendor stated operators can use Multi-Access Edge Slicing across 5G, fixed wireless access (FWA) and fixed access on a range of devices to cover several use cases and applications simultaneously.

For example, it explained the service could enable a 4G or 5G smartphone user to send sensitive business information using a high-performing network slice while simultaneously participating in a video call using another slice.

Through multi-sliced FWA, a family could use one slice to access services such as HDTV streaming or cloud gaming while another is used for home working on a laptop.

Slices can ultimately be tailored to have different network characteristics depending on requirements around latency and security.

It pitched the innovation as a way for operators to generate new revenue from premium B2C and B2B services, offering users the same experience across fixed and mobile technologies.

Olivier Loridan, senior analyst at Omdia, said the service has the potential to address emerging business and consumer connectivity demands.

The showcase at the MWC event next week will be conducted in conjunction with e& and run on a live network.

Nokia recently teamed with A1 Telekom Austria and Microsoft to deliver enterprise cloud applications to mobile devices using 5G edge network slicing.