Xreal Technology announced the forthcoming US and European release of its Air 2 into the increasingly competitive AR eyewear sector, pushing the design as being comfortable, lightweight and accessible to everyone.

The eyewear is claimed to be 10 per cent lighter and thinner than its previous model, which was initially launched under its previous brand of Nreal, with higher pixel density, and improved visual quality and audio.

In the company’s UK device launch video, Xreal co-founder Peng Jin (pictured) said “the technology for wearable display is ready, there’s no more compromise of screen size for portability,” indicating initial concessions had to be made for the sake of size, as with technologies akin to portable stereos and early mobile phones

Xreal stated between 50 per cent and 60 per cent of users of its previous designs were found to spend between one hour and three hours using the glasses per session, underlining the need to focus on comfort and wearability in its latest model.

The company claims the new glasses offer a “visual screen experience” of up to 330-inches, a factor it believes will “transform” the experience of gaming and watching films. The device connects to smartphones by USB-C and other entertainment systems with HDMI.

Xreal Air 2 is already available in China and Japan, with sales in the US and UK due in mid-to-late November.

Sales in its other European markets start in December.

The basic model will be priced at $399, with a pro version priced at $449 offering dimming for improved use in a wider variety of lighting conditions.