Vivo unveiled Apex 2020, its third concept smartphone which aims to build on innovations showcased over the past two years and set the trend for the vendor’s future smartphone features.

In a statement, the Chinese vendor said Apex 2020 improved on the full-view display of Apex 2019 with a 120-degree full-view edgeless display with no bezels. As with the prior design, the latest model features a “unibody” design, with no openings, so the front-facing camera is located within the display.

Vivo explained it increased the amount of light which can pass through the relevant portion of the screen to enable the in-display camera, an approach it said “effectively reduces optical interference, diffraction and stray flashes” using algorithms to optimise the picture quality.

Wireless charging is carried over from the Apex 2019, with Vivo’s 60W Wireless Super FlashCharge said to be able to fully charge a 2000mAh battery in 20 minutes.

Harry Hong, Vivo general manager of product, said in a demonstration video how previous Apex prototypes featured in-screen fingerprint sensors, pop-up front cameras and full-view displays, features which all went on to be included in commercial devices.