Huawei reportedly conducted a reshuffle at the top of its consumer business unit, with Richard Yu (pictured) shifting from CEO to chairman and current COO He Gang taking the helm.

The move, which took effect last week according to Reuters, means Yu ended a 12-year stint as CEO of the unit which covers its smartphone business and various other areas.

Yu’s tenure covered a tumultuous time for the division, which included a period of rapid growth before US sanctions resulted in a major negative impact to its global smartphone ambitions.

A source told Reuters no reason has been given for the change, but revealed under Yu’s new role he will be required to handle the administrative side of the business, including personnel issues. He will effectively step back from business strategy, which was the main part of his job as CEO.

A Huawei spokesperson told Mobile World Live it had no comment on the news.

The new CEO comes in at a time when Huawei’s smartphone business is rebounding, most recently reporting a 69.7 increase in sales due to the success of its Mate 60 range.

It represents the fastest growth for the company since it was hit by US sanctions in 2019, implemented over fears the company as a security risk. Huawei has consistently denied the allegations.

Yu has been a high-profile figure for Huawei, often hosting product launches and representing the company at events.