Chinese vendor OnePlus offered assurances customers in Germany would not be impacted by the removal of its devices from the market, a move taken while its sister company Oppo attempts to resolve a patent dispute with Nokia.

Various media reported OnePlus and Oppo had halted shipments to Germany after an initial decision in the IP spat went Nokia’s way.

Fosspatents reported in June a German court sided with Nokia in the dispute over a Wi-Fi patent, backing a call by the vendor to impose an injunction on device shipments.

At the time, Nokia stated it had conducted negotiations fairly, Fosspatents wrote.

But in a statement, OnePlus accused Nokia of seeking an “unreasonably high fee” which it believes is “detrimental” to the role of IP in “driving innovation”.

Attempts to resolve the matter are “ongoing”.

OnePlus added it “diligently complies with the laws and regulations” in all markets where it has a presence and emphasised the injunction is “limited to the sales and marketing of certain products in Germany”, with no other European nations affected.

It offered assurances around its commitment to Germany, noting owners in the country would continue to have access to services including “regular software updates” and after-sales care.

Fair terms
Nokia issued a comment in response, stating it was the third time courts in Germany ruled that Oppo was using its patented technologies in its smartphones and selling them illegally without a licence.

“The Court also found that Nokia has acted fairly. We hope that OPPO accepts its obligations and, like its competitors, renews its license on fair terms,” Nokia spokesperson added.