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Google ups display size for latest 5G Pixel

18 AUG 2021

Google launched its latest mid-tier smartphone, the Pixel 5a, a 5G device the company markets as having popular features from its previous flagship at an affordable price.

The Pixel 5a has a 6.34-inch screen compared with the 6-inch on the Pixel 5 and comes with a slightly larger battery of 4680mAh. Most of its other main specifications are the same, including 12MP dual-pixel and 16MP ultra-wide rear cameras, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor.

Unlike Google’s previous launch it will also have a 3.5mm headphone jack, though has lower RAM than its current flagship Pixel 5.

In a blog on the device, Google noted it was the first of its a-series to feature IP67 water and dust resistance.

The handset will be available in the US and Japan on 26 August with orders for these two markets being accepted now. It is priced at $449, which is $250 cheaper than its current price for the Pixel 5.

Pixel 5a is potentially its last to be released without in-house chip Tensor, which is expected to make its debut in the Pixel 6 handsets later this year.



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