Google set to contest Yandex ruling – report

Google set to contest Yandex ruling – report

17 NOV 2015

Google is to appeal a ruling by Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), which had found it guilty of “abusing market dominance” with its Android activities.

According to Reuters, the US search giant said it will “contest this decision and explain in court why we consider it unfounded”.

The report also noted that Yandex, the Russian company which has become a prime irritant for Google, said it is “confident in every point of its position”.

Google initially had a deadline of this week to amend its contract with device makers, although this was reportedly pushed back until December.

The FAS case concerned the bundling of Google’s apps and services, to the detriment of other competing products.

For example, in order to gain access to a core part of the Android proposition – the Play Store content catalogue – vendors must support the company’s other propositions.

While Yandex has long dominated the Russian search market, it has seen its share slide as usage of mobile devices increased, with Google the beneficiary through the strength of Android.

While Yandex has created a version of Android which replaces all of Google’s products and services with alternatives, the company has struggled to generate support from vendors – which again has been attributed to Google’s strong control tendencies.

Google is under investigation by the European authorities for the same issues – and Yandex has been happy to stick in its oar.


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