Yandex looks to EU in next stage of Google spat

Yandex looks to EU in next stage of Google spat

16 NOV 2015

Russian search giant Yandex is looking to use its recent victories against Google in the Russian market as leverage in actions in the EU.

According to a statement from the company cited by Bloomberg, “we think that the Russian finding of abuse of dominance is instructive, and is a conclusion that can readily be adopted in other jurisdictions, including the EU”.

Yandex also said that its business development in Europe will partly depend on the outcome of the EU investigation, the report said.

It was reported late last year that the European Commission had been in touch with Yandex, ahead of the launch of a probe into Google’s Android app bundling activities.

In September, Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service accused Google of “abusing market dominance” following a complaint from Yandex.

The issue concerns the fact that the US search giant has tough requirements with regards to bundling its apps and services, meaning that in order to gain access to critical propositions such as the Play content store, its other products also have to be positioned front and centre.

This has made it difficult for competing apps in certain areas to gain traction, for example alternative mapping products, due to the prominence of the Google alternatives.

In addition, while Yandex has created its own alternative platform, powered by the core Android OS but with its own alternatives to Google’s services, this has seen little traction, with Google’s relationships with manufacturers mooted as a possible for this.

Reports last week said that Google had been given more time to comply with a requirement to amend its contracts with smartphone makers.

According to Reuters, the initial deadline – later this week – has now been pushed back to 18 December.

While the company could face punitive fines, it has been suggested that if it complies with the requirements, this is less likely to be the case – it will pay a fine based on a percentage of the revenue it makes in Russia from Play sales.

But it has also been suggested that Google will appeal the decision.


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