A pair of scientists at Alphabet-owned Google DeepMind reportedly approached investors to discuss raising more than €200 million to form an AI start-up which could develop a fresh model.

Bloomberg reported AI scientists Laurent Sifre and Karl Tuyls have given notice on their roles at Google DeepMind and engaged in talks with potential investors over a start-up currently known as Holistic.

The news site stated Sifre and Tuyls are widely considered leaders in the AI sector.

Bloomberg asserted the sum involved indicated AI is still a hot topic across the technology sector, particularly in France, where the start-up is likely to be based.

Reuters reported France-based Mistral AI raised a total of €490 million in 2023 to bring its valuation to around €2 billion.

The company was co-founded by former Google DeepMind researcher Arthur Mensch, and ex-Meta Platforms researchers Timothee Lacroix and Guillaume Lample.