Huawei detailed a move to build its first telecoms equipment plant in Europe, with work on the France-based facility to begin in 2024 and operations to commence by end-2025, China Daily reported.

Zhang Minggang, deputy GM of Huawei France, reportedly told French media the €200 million factory would create 500 jobs.

Huawei announced plans for a factory in northeast France in 2020, but work was delayed by the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

The company declined to comment on the news.

Huawei has been hit with a number of restrictions on its 5G telecoms equipment in Europe since 2020.

Sweden’s telecoms watchdog barred local operators participating in a 5G auction from using products made by Huawei and ZTE.  

The French government warned mobile operators deploying Huawei 5G equipment they would not be able to renew licences once they expire. The UK was one of the first European countries to ban the use of the vendor’s products in next-generation networks.

Huawei unveiled plans to invest €150 million in a cloud hub in the Republic of Ireland in 2022.