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Arm unveils chipset upgrades for Android

27 MAY 2020

UK-based chip designer Arm unveiled next-generation processor designs geared towards boosting performance on Android devices, aiding the segment in maintaining pressure on rival Apple products.

The SoftBank-owned company unveiled the Cortex X Custom programme and a new design called the Cortex-X1. The aim is to allow chip and smartphone manufacturers to tweak components for flagship and large screen devices, to their own specifications for performance increases of up to 30 per cent.

Samsung Electronics backed Arm’s new chipset direction, noting it will keep tabs on the progress of the Cortex-X Custom programme.

Apple uses Arm designs in its device processors and customises chipsets to output high performance, whereas Android devices use designs closer to Arm’s original architecture.

Also unveiled was the Cortex-A78 processor which performs 20 per cent better than its predecessor, enabling “immersive 5G experiences”, improved machine learning and power efficiencies. Arm stated the processor’s energy efficiencies make it suitable for power hungry large-screen foldable devices.

Desktop graphics on Android
Arm partnered with German video games developer Crytek to brings its graphics engine to Android, and enable “desktop-class graphics on mobile”.

“Arm’s new powerful suite of premium mobile IP is at the centre of ushering in a new level of visual fidelity previously thought impossible on edge devices,” said Theodor Mader, Crytek technical director.

Also unveiled were the Mali-G78 GPU and the Ethos-N78 neural processing unit, both claiming a 25 per cent performance boost compared to predecessors.



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