LG announced further details of a handset launch scheduled for next week, boasting a form factor described as new and different would be showcased with its new LG Wing device.

Rumours online are rife speculating the device will have two screens which either cross each other or rotate in some way. However, the vendor kept details of the handset under wraps, simply stating the experience delivered would be “impossible to create with conventional smartphones”.

LG Wing will be the first launch under its so-called Explorer Project, a strategy announced by the company last week to devise fresh user interfaces and form factors.

It is the manufacturer’s latest bid to differentiate and turn around its fortunes in the hugely competitive smartphone segment.

The company has already attempted to challenge rivals with unusual features in its recent handsets. Its 2019-launched LG G8X ThinQ offered two separate screens in an apparent response to big-name rivals developing handsets with flexible displays.

LG is scheduled to unveil the new device on 14 September.