Eva Gouwens, CEO of ethically-focused smartphone manufacturer Fairphone, revealed her upcoming departure, with the search for a successor already underway.

In a blog on the company’s website, the outgoing chief indicated that in the short-term the manufacturer will be led by its current senior management team until her replacement is installed.

Gouwens became CEO of Fairphone in October 2018, having previously spent a year as MD. Prior to joining the ethical handset player, she held the role of “first lady of chocolate” at confectioner Tony’s Chocolonely.

In her announcement, she noted the company received a “sizeable investment to steer Fairphone confidently into the future” earlier this year, and highlighted its device launches and initiatives related to sustainable business.

Campaigns undertaken by the business include a project on improving the ethical credentials of the cobalt supply chain.

“We made the company a profitable venture for our investors and shareholders, showing the industry that being profitable and sustainable as a consumer electronics company is possible,” Gouwens added.

The company has long championed self-repairable devices, a service since made available by several larger players, pushed modular design for easy upgrades and promoted recycling schemes.