IoT and embedded computing technology specialist Kontron targeted advances in industrial automation and various smart sectors by unveiling 3.5-inch single board computers it stated pave the way for the development of compact edge devices.

Announced yesterday (22 May), Kontron’s ADN and AML boards incorporate Intel’s Atom x7000RE, Core i3 N and N-series processors, and deliver almost double the graphics performance of its previous generation boards.

Kontron stated the SBCs come with up to 32 GPU execution units; DDR5 memory; and two second-generation USB 3.2, a single USB 2.0 and one USB 3.2 Type C interface. The boards also offer triple display capability and “multiple embedded controller features”.

Kontron stated the improved GPU performance means “AI and image processing tasks, in particular, can be accelerated”.

The company highlighted its AML board “is designed for continuous operation” in “harsh operating conditions and on high system load”.

Kontron stated the SBCs “are suitable for critical real-time computing around remote applications in industrial automation, smart city, retail and healthcare”.

It plans to release sample quantities in September and noted the boards will remain compatible for up to ten years from the date of release “due to embedded key components” and international certifications.