An agency looking to accelerate the deployment of 5G apps launched a global suite of services designed to create an ecosystem by connecting developers, investors and distribution channels.

Nonvoice founder Simon Buckingham told Mobile World Live the agency was the first in the world to offer an environment where “the best 5G consumer and enterprise apps” available globally can be sourced, and then provide their developers with assistance in launching.

Buckingham explained the venture aimed to assist developers which struggled to gain visibility, distribution and revenue opportunities because of “the sheer number of apps that are out there” and the sparsity of distribution channels.

He expressed hope Nonvoice could play “a very valuable role in helping those developers achieve success”, by providing access to its distribution network spanning North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe, while making use of connections with tech giants including Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook.

The agency formed partnerships with about a dozen mobile operators and app developers, including global gaming network Gizer, photo and video services provider Plotaverse and Philippines-based consumer lending app Venio.

Buckingham predicted 5G apps would enable “a much richer experience” than current mobile services, by improving efficiency and productivity while giving more power and choice to users.

He noted such offerings will prove most beneficial in areas including AR and VR, telemedicine and autonomous vehicles, adding enterprise and consumer apps built for the next-generation networks are set for rapid growth in the next 12 months.