Broadcaster RTL Deutschland became the latest to employ a private 5G network to boost coverage of a major sporting event, with Deutsche Telekom supplying a standalone (SA) network for use during the UEFA Euro 2024 football contest.

Deutsche Telekom stated RTL becomes the first TV production company in the nation to connect to studios using its own private 5G network, which the operator calls Campus Network Private.

It employs active and core equipment from Ericsson, with two indoor and four outdoor antennas.

The tailored infrastructure will handle “data-intensive applications” with sub-25 millisecond response rates, enabling RTL to employ wireless cameras, microphones and intercoms. Deutsche Telekom stated data upload rates of 500Mb/s are possible, with the network running in the 3.7GHz to 3.8GHz range and offering up to 100MHz of bandwidth to the broadcaster.

Deutsche Telekom added the football tournament is an opportunity to test other relevant 5G TV production systems, though added even wireless cameras are a transformation in terms of the flexibility offered over wired versions.

The broadcaster’s chief commercial, technology and data officer Matthias Dang explained the private 5G network is installed in its facility in Cologne and will deliver its content “more conveniently and efficiently”.

Deutsche Telekom stated tests of network slicing conducted with RTL showed the set-up will provide “flawless” live broadcasts to an event site regardless of the load on the mobile network.

The private 5G network will cover an area of more than 35,000 square metres, including public spaces.

Deutsche Telekom’s RTL deal continues a recent run of providing private 5G for sporting events, coming a few weeks after its US subsidiary delivered connectivity to the PGA Championship golf contest.

European counterpart Orange will be the sole network provider for the Paris Olympic Games taking place in July and August, earmarking a big role for private 5G.