A logo for use on specifications for 6G has been approved by the Project Coordination Group of standards body 3GPP, a move it claims represents the next step in preparations to usher in the next-generation technology.

3GPP stated the “graphical badge” will accompany work done by 3GPP on 6G standards and it will first appear next month at the organisation’s SAI Stage-1 Workshop on IMT2030 Use Cases, held in Rotterdam between 8 to 10th May.

Establishing a logo comes four months after organisation partners including ARIB in Japan, ATIS in North America, China’s CCSA and Europe’s ETSI, among others, announced a joint commitment to begin planning for 6G specifications, noting such work takes several years to complete.

The group added it aims to provide the industry with a roadmap for developing products and services based on the technology, ahead of availability of 6G in around 2030.

“5G brought increased interest in 3GPP, with the organisation growing to meet the demands of more sectors and new services,” 3GPP stated. “Further growth may be expected as the needs of 6G use cases are considered in the standards development process.”

At the time, 3GPP revealed work was underway for Release-18 and it would begin development of Release-19 specifications, but noted this related to 5G-Advanced rather than 6G.