BT Group combined with content delivery network provider Broadpeak to develop a new solution designed to boost live content streaming as part of its MAUD offering, with trials for the offering expected later this year.

The partnership will see Broadpeak provide BT with video delivery components including its nanoCDN multicast ABR (mABR) system to improve the overall quality and reliability of MAUD technology which the operator unveiled in December 2023.

MAUD is BT’s first content distribution tech, targeting a cost-effective and seamless live streaming experience during peak traffic hours.

In a statement, BT explained the nanoCDN mABR system will integrate into its customer smart hub routers. This will “group individual streams together in the network core” via multicast technology before converting these single streams back into unicast delivery mode, enabling a more efficient and reliable video streaming, the operator claims.

Broadpeak’s technologies power the delivery of TV programming and video content and the company claims its mABR solution is deployed worldwide.

Howard Watson, chief security and networks officer at BT identified “a big increase in traffic” as more live events shift online, welcoming its collaboration with Broadpeak as it looks to “leverage their technology as part of the MAUD solution”.

BT also pointed to the solution’s sustainability benefits as MAUD uses up to 50 per cent less bandwidth during peak events, cutting energy consumption “through the reduction of the number of deployed caches”.

The companies added the trial for the new solution will involve major broadcasters and content providers.