Vodafone UK claimed its sub-brand VOXI was the first operator in the country to deploy a large language model (LLM) AI chatbot, detailing a trial as it seeks to improve user experience by generating more sophisticated customer responses.

The operator stated it developed the chatbot with Accenture and uses the framework of ChatGPT. It initially plans to trial the set-up with a small number of VOXI customers before a broader rollout.

It said the chatbot provides more “human like” interactions, adding the trial will help to identify and resolve any teething troubles.

Vodafone explained its collaboration with Accenture “is part of a wider strategic initiative to accelerate” VOXI’s “adoption of AI”.

The chatbot employs a “safety framework” which “incorporates principles and guidelines aimed at protecting customers to ensure the responsible and ethical deployment of AI”.

Mark Farbrace, generative AI lead at Accenture UK, stated “the customer experience is only the start of how this technology can be adopted at scale across the organisation”.

In January, Vodafone Group struck a ten-year AI partnership with Microsoft targeting public sector organisations in Europe and Africa.