LIVE FROM MWL UNWRAPPED: A top Verizon Business executive pinned 5G as the fastest growing enterprise wireless technology he’s ever seen despite current global economic uncertainty, with companies under pressure to make savings and open new revenue streams.

Speaking during the online event’s first keynote, the operator’s chief revenue officer – global enterprise and public sector, Massimo Peselli (pictured), named fixed wireless access (FWA) and private networks on the edge as the two main use cases it was seeing in the space.

Describing the “healthy” current business market for 5G, he noted private networks have high performing and secure infrastructure to “enable the real-time processes of data at the edge and actually deliver [on] the promise of a convergence between the physical and digital world”.

He continued: “At these times where companies are under pressure to optimise their business to create efficiency, and at the same time create new opportunities for revenue, technology is the epicentre of everything. This is why despite the uncertain period we see customers and organisations embracing … this opportunity with 5G.”

Though reporting interest across a wide range of sectors, Peselli cited manufacturing, healthcare and logistics as areas driving growth currently, highlighting use cases for digital twins in these environments.

Alongside activities in its home market of the US, Verizon Business has implemented enterprise 5G in other locations including the UK and Germany.

Peselli noted it had also been in talks with businesses in France, the Nordic region and a number of organisations in Japan and Australia.

“Being global is important,” Peselli added. “We have the ability to work with creative and forward-looking organisations everywhere in the world, take learnings from those and bring back to other regions.”

Looking forward, he branded FWA as the “fastest growing opportunity and service we have in the business” across both consumer and enterprise.

“You may think that in the traditional mobility space the market is a little bit saturated,” he said. “But if you look at the market of … broadband connectivity it’s a greenfield because mainly this market has been covered with cable and traditional broadband wireline.”