Verizon Business launched a NaaS product designed to help enterprises manage multicloud deployments and applications by providing visibility through a single unified online customer portal to make it easier for IT teams to monitor connections.

The operator stated its NaaS Cloud Management service works in tandem with its overall NaaS offering to help enterprise customers establish connectivity across public, private and hybrid environments, as well as between clouds and network infrastructure at the edge.

Enterprises typically have multiple cloud services from hyperscalers such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Verizon Business stated by “standardising workload connectivity and offering a uniform procedure for security protocols, governance and configurations, NaaS Cloud Management service consolidates multi-cloud networking processes into a simple, integrated network workflow”.

The overarching view of the cloud network and application performance also provides visibility into service health, network traffic, global network connections, and issue management tickets.

Debika Bhattacharya, chief product officer for Verizon Business, stated the “NaaS Cloud Management solution can revolutionise the way IT teams deploy and manage cloud applications and monitor multi-cloud connections” by making the process simpler and more user friendly.