Virgin Media Business detailed plans to deploy Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) OpenWiFi services for a WiFi4EU project in Dublin, hailing the potential of the disaggregated approach to meet European Union (EU) public connectivity goals.

In a statement, Dublin City Council and Virgin Media explained  they are employing TIP’s services in a trial to deliver public Wi-Fi as part of the EU initiative.

Virgin Media Business explained TIP’s set-up enables “independent replacement and upgrading of components” along with “vendor diversity”, making it an ideal source for urban Wi-Fi deployment.

Jamie Cudden, the council’s smart city programme manager, explained the open-source architecture promoted by TIP is compatible with Dublin’s smart city concept as it enables “multi-vendor interoperability”.

Virgin Media claimed TIP OpenWiFi services will allow easy deployment of access points and controllers.

If the trial is successful, Dublin City Council and Virgin Media Business will move to a deployment in the city centre, which will be sponsored for around three years.