Verizon unveiled what it claimed was a first-of-its-kind portable private network service for deployments across sports stadiums and entertainment venues when permanent networks are not available.

The operator stated its prototype network in a box offering provided connectivity for a recent United Football League championship American football game in the US.

It shipped similar portable private networks to Sao Paulo, Brazil, London, UK and Munich, Germany to provide connectivity for US National League Football (NFL) game operations.

Similar to its permanent private 5G network NFL deployments, the portable services will enable in-game support for on-field coach-to-coach communications for overseas football games in the coming months.

A representative for Verizon told Mobile World Live the service can be customised as needed by using either the operator’s spectrum or a range of additional spectrum when its used overseas.

Andrea Caldini, VP of technology and product development at Verizon, stated the service can be deployed across various scenarios “such as one-time parade routes, mobile production environments, mobile sporting events, outdoor concert venues and more”.

The service can support up to 50 cellular radios using the shared or licensed spectrum as well as in-venue or on-premises fibre connections.

Verizon stated the prototype service offers better security features than Wi-Fi while also providing high-bandwidth and low latency. Network in a box can also scale up with the growth of an event.

The representative did not say when the service will be generally available, or which vendor it is using.